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(device for displaying the price of goods on the shelf)

Operating principle

The graphic image, the barcode of the product, the price and the amount of the discount are loaded into the electronic price tag from the information system remotely.

The information on the price tag changes in accordance with the marketing policy of the company.

The marketing policy is formed by the manager.

The price calculation algorithm is stored on the server.

The current price is calculated based on the time of day, date of receipt of the goods, base price, group of goods, special marketing campaigns.

Information from the server to the price tag is transmitted by the system without human intervention.

Application area

The control system is used in sales areas with open storage of goods in order to manipulate the price of stocks, draw attention to marketing campaigns, inform about the amount of discounts, and stimulate purchases.


Price tag

•Price tag size (diagonal) 2.13” 2.9” 4.3”
• Text color black black/red
• Mounting method plastic holder
• Power battery Power Supply
• Speed of loading information Graphics 5 tags / second

Price 60 tags / second
• Data transfer method WiFi Ethernet RF-FSK

The appearance of the price tag and mounts are shown in photo 1 and photo 2


• Storing information file or database

• Conditions change in the price

o time of day

o Discounts on merchandise (marketing campaign)

o Discounts on goods group

o Discounts on shelf life

• additional opportunities for

o Docking software with existing software in the enterprise

o Remote control of prices of central office

Installation and installation of equipment

Installation of commercial equipment is carried out by the supplier's specialists.

• It is allowed to install the equipment by the buyer


• Supplier specialists


• Basic configuration - Accounting 1C


o goods

o barcode of goods

o group of goods

o invoice (time of arrival)

o place of storage of goods

Additional features

• Automatic control of the performance of price tags during operation

• Color highlighting of discounts and special offers of goods

• Control of the temperature of storage of goods


Original domestic software.

Automated production process.

Implementation of special customer requirements.

Low product price and operating cost.

High reliability.


Photo 1 Price tag with fastening


Photo. 2 Attaching the price tag


Photo.3 Prisma price tag (Helsinki)


Photo 4. Price tags on the shelf (Prisma)

Photos 3 and 4 the solution of the German company is deployed in the Prizma chain of stores in Helsinki

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