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Installation of printed circuit boards, contractual electronics production, development of electronic modules

Area of interest :

  • Development of electronic modules, devices, systems
  • Manufacturing of electronic devices and modules
  • Contract production including prototypes development
  • SMD and serial assembly of serial products
  • In addition, «ALTAIR-ELECTRO» Ltd. is involved in development of design and technological documentation on the terms of reference provided by the customer, with the subsequent release of samples and launch in a serial production at our enterprise. We are a an experienced team of qualified developers, designers and engineers.
  • «ALTAIR-ELECTRO» Ltd provides the possibility of contractual assembly both from materials provided by customer, and from the components purchased by us.

Technological base of «ALTAIR-ELECTRO» Ltd.:

  • The department of manual surface mounting, where experimental samples and small batches of products are manufactured.
  • Automatic installer of surface elements, up to 2 thousand. components per hour (small series) MPI M380II (Japan)
  • Automatic surface element installer, up to 15 000 components per hour (medium and large series) Mirae MX200-LP (Korea)
  • Essemtec Convection Conveyor Furnace (Switzerland)
  • Surface mounting area for 25 workplaces
  • Wash area. Ultrasonic bath FinnSonic (Finland) 19 l, advanced methods are used to clean the boards from flux residues, pastes, etc.
  • After the boards are cleaned, the plates are dried with air pressurized with 6 atm
  • Protective coating area
  • Quality Control Department. 100% visual inspection
  • At the request of the customer, functional monitoring of the assembled products is possible
  • Packaging site is in compliance with customer requirements for packaging quality
  • We can deliver products « from door to door » within St. Petersburg.
  • The emergency power generator 12 kW, is capable of providing electricity to the main units in case of blackouts.
«ALTAIR-ELECTRO» Ltd. has certificate of conformity for ISO 9001-2011 (ISO9001:2008).

«ALTAIR-ELECTRO» Ltd. - Full-service contract electronics manufacturing, developing of electronic modules and SMD mounting 2007 - 2024. ... .......