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Programming of ЭУ20-32 counters in the ENEVER program

Question: « Which interface converter can I use?»

Answer: For communication with the counters of EU20-32 (assembled on the basis of mod231 and mod241) The company uses a USB-UART converter (USB-Prog v3.01) connected to counter according to the scheme:

Схема подключения счётчика ЭУ20-32 через USB-UART конвертер USB-Prog v3.01

Question: «How to make the correct pinout?»

Answer: The pinout should be done in correspondence with the diagram:

Схема подключения счётчика ЭУ20-32 через USB-UART конвертер USB-Prog v3.01

Question: «How to configure the port?»

Answer: The port is configured by instructions available for download on url.

On the personal computer on which it is supposed to program the EU20 counters using the EnEver program, The USB-COM converter driver (CDM20802_Setup.rar) must be preinstalled.

To start the installation, extract the CDM20802_Setup.exe file from the archive and run it.

Next, plug the USB-plug of the interface cable into a free USB-outlet of the personal computer.

After this, it is necessary to determine the number of the virtual COM-port, which is the interface cable:

Control Panel & rarr; System & rarr; Equipment & rarr; Device Manager & rarr; Ports (COM and LPT).

The number of the required COM port will be on the line: USB Serial Port (COM N), where N is the number of the required COM port.

The installation program itself does not require, just copy the folder EnEver Lite with the program on HDD.

Question: «Is it possible to use RS-232 interface converters (moxa uport 1150) or RS-232U (converter PF 3.035.020 MZEP). ?»

Answer: At the moment we do not have information about the use of RS-232 or RS-232U in combination with the EU20-32. If you have such an opportunity - connect the counter according to the scheme depicted here.

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